Strenght Points

  1. Team spirit: the competiveness comes from the strength of the team.                                                         The Spinelli culture is based on a team spirit, skills integration and team work. The family understands that the basis of the consolidation and the business enterprise is the harmony of people efforts. Many company actions aim for spreading and improving the teamspirit, which helps to give a clear and strong business idea.

  2. Human resources: the company fundamental. People are the company. All the machines and the technology would be fruitless without the engagement,the honesty and the professionalism of workers, For this reason, F.lli Spinelli rewards the innovative contributions, the engagement and its workers skills.In addition, it realizes training courses and professional upgrading for every level and job, in order to support and enhance every human resources.

  3. Production: more efficiency and flexibility In order to increase the competitiveness in an ever-growing market, F.lli Spinelli has increased, on the one hand, its production capacity through extensive investments; on the other hand, it has reduced the response time to the market demands thanks to.


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