The secret of the original stratification technique allows the balance of the wood fibers tension. This happens be-
cause the exterior hardwood layer is stable thanks to the central insert. This insert is composed by a wood panel, multilayer or block board, and by the under layer that helps the balance, created with the same type of hardwood of the trampling level, but lower quality, or with a wood panel or with a sawn wood layer. This is a revolution in the wood floor world. Thanks to the technological support and the central insert to help the balance, this revolution allows to create medium or large size elements and, at the same time, flexible and crushproof, marking a new wood floor era. Those are the main characteristics which make the plank, the highest quality products made in Italy.




The brushing treatment helps to perfect the wood floor surface using a special rotary brushing. This technique
allows getting a rough floor because the brushing activity highlights the wood grains. The oak brushed parquet is
wear and pressure resistant because the supple wood part is removed. Spinelli pays attention and chooses the most suitable planks.




The heat treating wood is so called when it runs throughout the hardwood thickness. If there are scratches, the
scratch color cannot be notice, comparing with the painted parquet. All this process is done with the help of
trained workers.




The painted parquet has a protective and elastic high resistant surface, composed by polyurethane emulsions. Its characteristic is to protect the floor from mechanical and chemical stresses. The VOC emissions levels of paints are less than the legal standards. The protective film thickness is studied in order to make the planks suitable to damaging situations such as in the kitchen or in the bathroom.




Spinelli Company uses a painting thanks to which you can personalize the natural wood color. The wood floors
can be treated easily and in a short time so as to get colored parquet more suitable, both in the surrounding environment and in the design requirement of the customer.




The calibration is an important process step. This helps the wood to intensify its beauty characteristics. This proc
ess is done with the help of trained workers. Here takes place the first step of the tonality control.




The protective oils for parquet are usually dry type and composed by mixtures of oils, resins and waxes. The special features of the impregnation system are: the natural production, the high mechanical resistance (less wear scratches) and the respect for the ecology and the environment (very low emissions).




The chamfering helps to create a better design effect, and a better stability. The first is made by the division be-
tween planks, so that you cannot distinguish the prefinished parquet from the solid wood. The second is pecially
on the large size, in which the fiber movements balance out the space between the planks. The company uses particular tools designed and studied to do this kind of process.




The planing is handmade, recognizable by the great randomness of the planings and by the presence of stop planer. Spinelli does this process with the help of trained workers.




It is an handmade process, recognizable by the randomness of the saw incisions. Highly skilled workers deal in
this stage.


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