In this new line of planks selected From the Brothers Spinelli you can CHOOSE addition to finishing (color) Multiple Types of Surface Machining listed Followed:

  • PRE SANDED SMOOTH: The floor has smooth surface.
  • REGULAR OR IRREGULAR ROUNDED BEVEL: Regular or irregular rounded bevelling of the edges.

  • HAND BRUSHED: Woodworking method higlights the wood grain.
  • HARD BRUSHED: The working dip deeply into  the wood's surface. The results bring outs the best of the grain in the surface.

  • HAND PLANED: The wood is hand planed by expert carpenters using a small plane.
  • SAW CUTTING: This method show the original saw marks left on the surface (with chamfering).

  • AGED: Surface finish reproduce the signs of wear trought time and use (with chamfering).
  • FEMMINA FEMMINA IN CUTTING ANGULAR: A kind of joint will be use a "lamello".

  • OIL WAX FINISH: Finitura superficiale olio/cera.

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